The very first “hOMe” customers interview on

December 8, 2015

For those of you that don’t know, we used the Tiny House Build “hOMe” plans for our build. We fell in love with the layout so much that we barely changed anything during the process- just did our own spin on styling. We’re beyond honored to have an interview published on the creators of “hOMe”, Andrew & Gabriella Morrison’s website. Thank you two for creating such an awesome and wonderful layout for so many people to enjoy. This house most certainly has changed our lives. I encourage everyone to visit their site, and definitely “like” them on Facebook!

Heart of it all tiny house

Mary & Trevor in the Heart Of It All Tiny House

October Quick Video Tour!

October 21, 2015

Finally a quick video tour of our tiny house house!
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January 11, 2015

After finishing up framing, we starting sheathing the outside. Its fun to see the house start to shape up and look more and more like….. a box.

Without the windows cut out, our house looks like a 28′ long, 13′ tall box!


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December 29, 2014

Making progress on our tiny house build! The sub floor is now framed, anchored, and insulated. Ready for plywood today and then picking up our framing lumber order.  We used 2.5″ rigid foam board insulation inside the subfloor which should give us a total of roughly R16. Its then finished off with tongue & groove plywood. Moving on to framing!

Big thanks to Mr. Rogers the cat for holding down the night shift.

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November 21, 2014

Definitely an exciting day picking up our brand new trailer from Tennessee Tiny Homes.



November 19, 2014

After shopping around for our trailer and trying to find the best option, we finally decided to place our order with Tennessee Tiny Homes just outside Memphis, TN. We placed the order for our 28′ trailer in early September and Joe & Kristen at TN Tiny Homes emailed us to let us know our trailer was ready. They graciously offered a place for us to stay in one of their demo Tiny Houses on site during our journey from Ohio.

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