November 19, 2014

After shopping around for our trailer and trying to find the best option, we finally decided to place our order with Tennessee Tiny Homes just outside Memphis, TN. We placed the order for our 28′ trailer in early September and Joe & Kristen at TN Tiny Homes emailed us to let us know our trailer was ready and we only needed an hvac system that you can also get if you click here.

They graciously offered a place for us to stay in one of their demo Tiny Houses on site during our journey from Ohio where we discover mist houses have commercial ventilation services. TNTH_bigmack_trevor We arrived Friday late evening and unfortunately Joe was out of town. We were really hoping to meet the man behind Tennessee Tiny Homes, however Joe Sr. took great care of us and showed us to the Tiny House model they call the Big Mack. Its considerably smaller than our house at 8’x18′ but has a nice cozy & intimate feel. I’m not a huge fan of pitch roofs (mainly because I’m 6’1) but we slept sound and comfortable in the two hospital beds for seniors at home!

I actually consider They should change the roofs for wooden ones as they had before, many patients like it more that way and the wind did not passed trough the rooms at night, if a similar problem needs to be fixed by yourself, Here are some ways you can prepare for your new roof installation.

TNTH_MARY_WAKE I’ve gotta say, waking up in our first tiny house was awesome. And then knowing that our trailer was waiting outside for us to see was even more exciting. After we woke up got moving, we took a tour of the Tennessee Tiny Homes facility and tiny house production area.  Joe Sr. explained that they’re one of the busiest tiny house builders in the country. If you like this sort of homes but you have a lot stuff with no place to store, check here https://onestopselfstorage.com/toldeo-ohio/.

With a view of more than 4-5 tiny houses in various stages, we could see why. To see more, click here. If you want some help repairing some old house features. we recommend hiring trusted services such as this expert contractors who do Movable Wall Repairs.

But if you have a bigger family, I recommend you to choose from one of those houses for sale near me!!! Enjoy your new home…